I wanted a halloween-theme, but I couldn’t come up with any costumes… :I
I guess they settled for "scary vampire" and "crazy scientist".

Um, okay, every time someone like my posts (THANK YOU BY THE WAY), I go in on their tumblr to check out what they’re all about. Today, this cray-cray person (in a good way) (yes, michaeljpuppy12, I’m talking about you) faved so much of my stuff, I almost fell over. So, I noticed that this person is also into Adventure Time, so I decided to draw some Adventure Time. 
I love Adventure Time.

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byebye weak ass homophobic/transphobic legal defenses.

"Bear in mind, people with eating disorders tend to be both competitive and intelligent. We are incredibly perfectionistic. We often excel in school, athletics, artistic pursuits. We also tend to quit without warning. Refuse to go to school, drop out, quit jobs, leave lovers, move, lose all our money. We get sick of being impressive. Rather, we tire of having to seem impressive. As a rule, most of us never really believed we were any good in the first place."
— Marya Hornbacher (via hailsofftherails)


This makes me furious.



- Having sex every day. 
- Saving sex for your wedding night. 
- Never having sex.
- Having sex with different people.
- Having sex with one person.
- Having sex with a person of your same gender.
- Loving sex. 
- Hating sex. 
- Being loud. 
- Being quiet.

The only thing wrong with sex?

When it’s not consensual.

Because that’s not sex. That’s rape.

this is so amazingly important

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Living with mental illness means that on some days it will be even harder to cope and you might not be able to explain why. It could be because you havent slept enough, because a smell reminded you of feeling sad, or for no reason at all.

This is a reminder that we dont have to justify our feelings or abilities to anyone, just do whats needed to make it to the next day.



Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop (9.29.14): At around 1:30AM CST, the police have released the unjustly arrested protesters. This is still some of the most ridiculous shit I’ve ever seen, but at least folks are back out and headed home to their families. The struggle continues. No justice, no peace! #staywoke #farfromover (PT I) (PT II) (PT III)

Follow the developments live @ Argus LIVESTREAM.


October is tomorrow.

why the fuck is Darren Wilson still not arrested?

Falling into hypomania 










The Disney Channel of my childhood

I loved this movie growing up 

But did they actually say “nigger” on Disney Channel because I really don’t remember this

This movie was so dope though

Trust me, they really said nigger because it was on just a few years ago and my ass was shocked

Y’all remember how her dad went OFF ‘cause he thought the white girl called her kaffir?

remember when you could actually have serious conversations in media targeting kids?

holy fuck this was some real shit (x)

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